A far out magnetic wooden construction toy

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For ACTIVE ART PLAY and STEAM learning

Explore space, discover patterns, or just play

  • geometry

    Convex polyhedra have mezmerized the great thinkers of every age. There are only 5 platonic solids( all the faces are the same polygon, a cube for example) and 13 more archimedean solids( where the faces are more than one type of polygon, like the hexagons and pentagons of a soccer ball). Leonardo Da Vinci famously illistrated them and Kepler studied them and their astrological connections. Buckminster Fuller used them as the basis for his geodesic domes.

    It is a stunning suprise that these perfect shapes can be simplified further into a single building block: the starbuilder block! We are still discovering new patterns of construction to build more of these ever fascinating polyhedra(many faces). We need your help!

  • magnetism

    Everyone loves playing with magnets. Why? I don't know, but magnetism combined with the satisfying sound of wood clicking together, and you really only need 2 starbuilder blocks to have a good time.

    High powered neodymimium magnets are completely concealed within each block, securely embedded and glued shut so that no magnets are exposed. Maximum safety and maximum asmr.

  • play

    There are over 110 billion possible combinations in the small set of starbuilder blocks! Patterns and symetries will emerge and characters will come to life. try to make geometric solids, build your dream house, or let your imagination go with some free play. We all know the benefits of good play and hands-on toys; personally, play testing is my favorite part of the job. Yes, adults can play too.


Each Starbuilder block is crafted in a small workshop in a barn on a flower farm in Talladega, Alabama. Made from Baltic Birch plywood and neodyminium magnets, Starbulder blocks are indestructable and will be fun at all ages and over generations. Part of our mission is to make quality toys with no plastic and that never become trash. The artful creations you make will look as awesome in a museum as on a coffee table or playroom floor.